Antonia Light Nelson, Photographer


Antonia Light Nelson was born in Atlanta Georgia, where her love of photography began at a young age. In 2005, she , husband and dog moved to New York City to pursue their careers in music. This was also the year that Antonia began studying photography at the International School of Photography's extension program to hone her craft and understanding of taking pictures in one of the most amazing cities.

As a musician, her world of photography was an open canvas; often toting her camera along with her to concerts, word spread and she was soon photographing concerts and doing head-shots for her musician and actor friends.
Antonia also began photographing one of her favorite subjects, children. She loves the experience of capturing the essence of what it means to become a new parent at one week-shot sessions, and only uses natural light to capture these intimate and perfect moments. You won't find lots of props and outfits with Antonia, just simple, real and exquisite real-life love.

In 2013, Antonia and her husband moved to Ulster County, New York in the Catskills. Though still maintaining their work in the city, she is thrilled to be amongst what she feels is home, and can't wait to photograph people and families in one of the most beautiful places.